Indicator Package

Premium Indicator Package

Welcome to the premium indicator package. The package supplies you with several indicators to be used on any chart although tailored for the cryptocurrency market it works great on the Legacy markets Also. Below is a short description of what each indicator is based on. You can find more by clicking below each one.

Phantom Wizard

This indicator is multi purpose and great for finding entries. It used a combination of RSI and Moving averages over multiple timeframes to give you an edge on your entry and exits

Phantom Bands

This indicator is design for the lower time frame entries on leverage markets. It takes into account multi timeframe averages to give you a precise entry for either a brake out or retest of the band

Phantom Support & Resistance

This indicator is a based on volume and will display the current support and resistance levels for the 1Day, 4Hr and the current timeframe you are viewing.

Phantom MA’s

This indicator is for every time frame and will display all relevant Moving averages, Exponential Moving averages and Volume Weighted Moving Averages. All are labelled on chart and will display 4hr, Daily and Weekly

When you buy this package you will gain access to all the alerts such as Bullish and Bearish PinBars, Bull and Bear Divs,Tk Crosses Small and Mega Buys From Several Timeframes, Gold bands and more added Weekly.

These are currently for all the Binance Perp pairs and USDT pairs but adding more tickers as we go. You can turn what alerts you want on & off on our discord whenever you like. You don’t have to use a single alert on Trading View its all done by us on discord.

Full Phantom Package $60 per month or lifetime and get all the perks. Use Form Below

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