Phantom Bands

Phantom Bands

Phantom bands is designed for the 5 Minute chart. It will overlay 3 lots on bands on the chart. A higher and lower band Gold,Blue and Pink. The buy and sell signals will also be indicated on the chart. Signal either long or short on the gold is the best, Blue is the second strength and pink is the weakest. All of the are still relevant and play true more often than not.

Gold Long Signals

Long Signal

The above Gold arrow signals a long. Set your buy at the retest of the gold band

Pink Short Signals

Short Signal

The above pink arrow signals to go short, Put your sell on the re test of the lower band.

No trade zone until breached

Chop Zone

Between each of the bands is considered the chop zone where there should be no trades.

3 longs signalled and 2 shorts

Gold Bands

These have the best strike rate out of all the bands. Both Long and Short

2 longs and a short shown

Blue Bands

The blue bands or the middle strength of the 3 bands. still accurate but should be used for smaller trades

3 longs and a short shown

Pink Bands

The pink bands are the weakest and should be used as so. They can be used to front run a entry on a higher strength band.

This indicator can be used with any of our other indicators but is stand alone. This is a great tool for the scalp trader using leverage.


Phantom Indicators

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