Phantom MA’s

Phantom MA’s will plot all of the relevant MA’s, EMA’s and VWMA’s from the 4Hr, 1Day and Weekly time frames. This will show on your chart regardless of what time frame you are currently on and will be labelled on the right side of your screen for easy identifying what is currently being used for support and resistance

Finding Support

Above you can see price is reacting to several MA’s and when it finds support the price continues up

Resistance Flip

Above you can see the price is trying to break up above the MA’s once it is past and retests it continues up to test the next one

Losing Support

Above you can see the price is testing the MA and then loses it as support and heads down to the next MA

Use this indicator so you can perfectly time your entries from Phantom Wizard and see every aspect of your trade


Phantom Indicators

If you have any questions you can reach out via telegram or email

Telegram @phantomalts

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