Phantom Wizard

Phantom wizard can work on all time frames in any market. It has several different buy signals and 2 levels of sell signals. It will also display if the RSI is overbought or oversold, It will also display Bearish and Bullish Divergence and Lower and higher time frame trends as well as deviations in volume

Showing Large yellow long and Medium Green Long Signal

Buy Signals

When the S1 & 2 line is under the their signal line and the indicator panel and they cross up and lock in from a candle close the above indicator will signal a medium buy. If it is under the signal line this signals a Large Buy signal.

Showing a Mega Buy

Mega Buy

If the black line gets a Green section this is 3 combinations of buy signals lining up to give you a Mega Buy these are more rare than the medium buy

Showing Large purple sell and medium

Sell Signals

These signals are the reverse of the buy signal scale When s1 &2 cross above the signal lines you will get one of the above 2 signals one medium or Large

Top and Bottom Lines

These lines change from white to red or green. When white they are just a level. If the top line is red it means the RSI is oversold. if the bottom line is green then the RSI is overbought

Middle Lines

The top Middle line can change from White,Purple and Gold. White is indecision purple Bearish and gold Bullish. The Bottom Middle line can change from white to gold. Gold is a high time frame bullish trend and white Bearish.

Top and Bottom Histograph Lines

The top histrograph graph section will show a red or green dash. This show Bullish or Bearish Divergence. The bottom can be green or yellow and show changes in Volume

Use this indicator in conjunction with our Phantom MA’s For perfectly timed entries


Phantom Indicators

If you have any questions you can reach out via telegram or email

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